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About Forever Cash

FC-book-3dIf you are looking to retire younger or seek a fresh approach to achieving financial freedom, you will need to adapt a new philosophy, change your attitude towards money, and make changes in how you spend, save, and invest. There are no shortcuts to wealth or secrets to achieving overnight success, but there is a better, proven, and realistic way to gain financial independence. It’s a financial philosophy and strategy that millionaire US-Immigrant and entrepreneur Jack Bosch calls “Forever Cash.”


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Forever Cash Blog & News

If you’re serious about cutting cost, you probably took a good look at your monthly expenses and realized that your energy bill consistently takes a large chunk out of your budget.

In an average home about half of the electric and gas bill is attributed to heating and cooling. This adds up to around $1,000 a year. What can you do to redirect that cash towards paying down debts? Consider the following: Read more!

How do you cut your entertainment expenses without cutting your entertainment?

If your plan for becoming debt free is all work and no play then you’ll probably give up pretty quick. It’s unreasonable to eliminate all entertainment, but you can make smarter choices when it’s time to have fun. Read more!