One Super cool Energy and Telecommunications Network Marketing Company I DO endorse

I don’t recommend Network Marketing companies easily because I am very particular about what I like and what I think is doable for most people. There are many great companies in that space but also a lot of them who sell things that people usually would not use and often don’t really need, and in those cases network marketing turns people into a sellathon of junk. That is not for me. I deal with thousands of people every year and I know that most don’t have a network of 1000 people around them to spread the word or they don’t have the money to go buy expensive additional stuff they really often don’t need.

So as a result I have over the years developed some clear cut criteria of what kind of network marketing companies I like and what kind I don’t like.

Whenever I see or get exposed to a Network Marketing concept for the first time I ask these questions:

  • Can anyone implement it in their own life, meaning can I buy the company’s products or services without it costing me a fortune each month in addition to my regular living expenses, or is it an ongoing add-on cost I really don’t need?
  • Does it require for you to change your habits – hopefully not or not much
  • Does it require a LOT of money to get started?
  • How many people do you need to refer to start making money? – hopefully only a few
  • Can it be easily duplicated?

And after running most network marketing companies through that list only two are left as I see it.

And along with Lyoness, one of my absolute favorites is ACN.

I like ACN because it focusses on services you already have, which are invisible to you. Things like your cell phone provider, your electric bill, your Cable/Satellite TV, or home security contracts and if you are a business your merchant account. These are all services we ALL have, and can’t live without, and ACN is a reseller of all major companies (want to switch to AT&T or switch from AT&T to Verizon, you can do that through ACN; want Direct TV or DISH, or COX, no problem ACN sells it ).  And on top it off  it fits perfectly in my methods as described in the book Forever Cash on how to lower your bills because the ACN services are often cheaper than anywhere else!!

Another reason I am super excited about ACN is because Michelle and I have seen and witnessed the meteoric rise of two dear friends of us from Phoenix, AZ, Gabor and Bori Budaházi. They went from having lost most of their businesses and net worth in 2008 due to the big Recession to being one of the TOP producers in ACN USA in a matter of 1 year, and then to one of the top people in ACN WORLDWIDE since and are now even on the board of directors of ACN (there are only 15 people on their board of directors).

Why is this important?

Well first of all we know this works because Bori and Gabor made it work and we witnessed it. So we I know this works VERY WELL!!

But also for a second almost MORE important reason: Over the years I have learned one thing in network marketing. It MATTERS who you sign up with. While it is ok to sign up through your neighbor or buddy, what matters MOST is that you can show them someone in your team who is already VERY successful and who is ACCESSIBLE and reliably there to help you AND YOU and THEM how to best make this a profitable business.

And with Bori and Gabor you have someone accessible to you who knows exactly how to make ACN be successful.

If you would like to talk to Bori and Gabor, click here

Also Bori recently did a presentation about ACN at our Forever Cash Academy, and you can watch it again here (please excuse the bad video quality, we are working on getting that improved version up soon)

PART 1 :


Download The Slides For This Session

Contact Bori here to get more information

And here are a few words directly from Barb and Gabor:

“We are Gabor and Bori Budaházi, we currently live in Budapest, Hungary, we recently moved from Scottsdale, Arizona where we started with CAN but we now split our time between Hungary and the US. We are both Hungarian born, but lived most of our lives in the US. Our story with ACN is very simple, we were two people with a dream of creating freedom through business, which we never could find in a traditional business model. We owned three companies before ACN and we were going crazy. The stresses of overhead, employees, liability, working too many hours was not the freedom we were looking for.

We saw ACNs vision and it just made sense. It had all of the positives of owning your own business, without any of the headaches. ACN creates the right environment, where everyone can succeed. After going through some rough times in our businesses during the Big Recession, we got started fast, we had no time to waste to get to financial freedom. We set a goal to reach the highest position within the company in less than 5 years. The system works if you follow it, you just plug in, attend the trainings, be coachable and work towards your goals. That’s it, plain and simple. We reached the Regional Vice President position in 2 1/2 years and became Circle of Champions in our third year with ACN. It is easy to promote something when you really believe in. Especially in this tough economy where people are looking for financial opportunities and are struggling to find them.

We love promoting ACNs services, since people need them and use them every day. We are passionate about this company, its future, its vision. We are passionate about what ACN has done for our family. In less than three years we found the financial freedom we were looking for. That in the traditional business world is almost unheard of, especially for someone who has zero experience in this industry. We have no overhead, we have no inventory, we have no employees, we can expand globally, we can expand as far as we want to go, we have the freedom to spend time with each other and we live in a stress-free environment. We live a lifestyle we never imagined was possible. Thank you ACN.”

Again click here to contact Bori and Gabor now.


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