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FC-book-3dIf you are looking to retire younger or seek a fresh approach to achieving financial freedom, you will need to adapt a new philosophy, change your attitude towards money, and make changes in how you spend, save, and invest. There are no shortcuts to wealth or secrets to achieving overnight success, but there is a better, proven, and realistic way to gain financial independence. It’s a financial philosophy and strategy that millionaire US-Immigrant and entrepreneur Jack Bosch calls “Forever Cash.”


Jack Bosch and his wife Michelle have been successfully running their business together for many years now. In this episode, Jack breaks down his tips for how to ensure the success of your business – and your marriage. Jack and Michelle have tried out many different things in their years working together and you’ll discover what has worked and what hasn’t. Working with your spouse can be a truly amazing experience, as long as you ensure that you communicate effectively.

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Jace Mattinson and Clark Sheffield host a podcast called Millionaire’s Unveiled – they take a deeper dive into the details of how millionaires got started, their decisions along the way, and what they’re doing now not only to keep, but also grow, their sought after “millionaire” status.

In this episode, Jace and Clark chat to Jack Bosch about the many insights they have learned in their time interviewing millionaires. You’ll discover how millionaires invest their money, how they allocate their portfolios and much more! You’ll also learn about Jace and Clark’s own entrepreneurial journeys, including their successes and how they overcame failures.

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Marc Zander is a Forever Cash student who lives in Germany – in this episode, he chats to Jack Bosch about how he set up his own land flipping business from outside the USA. Marc has figured out how to set up all of his administrative processes so that he can operate within the USA without ever having to leave his own country! This episode is perfect for non-US citizens who want to live the Forever Cash lifestyle and aren’t sure how to do it.

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