The Andy Rooney business plan

On the TV show 60 Minutes, commentator Andy Rooney used to talk about the little things in life that annoyed him – and anything from bottled water to magazines at airport newsstands was fair game.

Recently, the Wall Street Journal posted an article about something they called “The Andy Rooney Business Plan”.

When you are looking to make a little quick cash (or even to start a small business), the first step is to look around you and get an idea. Find out what problem or annoyance people have and solve it. Companies following the “Andy Rooney business plan” are making anything from smart thermostats that learn your preferred settings to special payment systems for food trucks.

These businesses are having great success, and although they may or may not serve a real purpose in society, the fact is that most people (like Andy Rooney) have annoyances that they want solved and are ready to pay money for a solution.

So the next time that you hear someone complain about getting hair down the back of their neck during a haircut or about losing a ring down the sink while washing dishes, why not see if you can come up with a product to solve that problem? Then, reinvest the money you get into a Forever Cash asset and keep moving towards your goals!

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