Apps to help you Track your Spending

Do you want to start tracking your spending? There are several good apps that simplify the task and some even make it a little fun.

Check is a great app for managing your finances. It not only keeps track of your spending, it also lets you know when your bills are due and you can even pay your bills online using the app. The down side is that in order to use this app you must put all your expenses on credit and debit cards. However if you already rely heavily on credit and debit, then this might the perfect app for you.

Spending Tracker allows you to enter cash purchases manually. It is extremely user friendly and logging your expenses is quick and easy. You get to decide if you want to track you spending weekly, monthly or yearly. Plus, the app organizes the data into intuitive pie, bar and line graphs to help you identify your main areas of spending. With this app you can have create more than one account to manage, so for example you can track your personal checking account and your savings.

SaveUp has been described as the addictive way of managing your money and savings. It motivates you to track your spending by offering you chances to win prizes like gift cards, student loan payoffs, vacations and rainy day funds each time you pay down debt and put money into your savings account. This app allows you to see how much you have left to reach your financial goals.

Whether you decide to take a modern approach to tracking your spending by using an app like one of these or choose a different method like a spreadsheet or notebook and pen, tracking your expenses can help you gain important insights as to where your money is going and where you can cut back.


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