Be the Cause- Don’t Leave Wealth Creation Up to Chance

Students in school are often told to examine the causality between two events. In other words, they try to analyze how one event directly or indirectly leads to a second event. The point is to help students learn to see events in their own lives as a series of interconnected happenings that can be affected by the decisions they make. But analyzing causes and effects isn’t just for schoolchildren; it can mean the difference between your reaching financial independence and living at the mercy of an employer.

Creating wealth is not a fortunate coincidence that a lucky few happened to stumble upon; it is the result of deliberate thinking and actions. In other words, being wealthy is the effect. But what is the cause? The cause has to do with taking control of your family’s financial future and not relying on a system that is designed to keep you passive and poor.

If you were to be content only with what your employer decided to pay you, then you would essentially be handing the welfare of your family over to a total stranger. That is not the cause that will lead to the effect that you want. So the first step is accepting that it is okay to march to the beat of your own drum. It is okay to take control of your finances instead of depending on someone else to give you what you need.

While this may sound scary, taking control of your finances is actually liberating and refreshing. Imagine how good it would feel going to sleep each night knowing that your family’s future was secure, not because someone else is giving you a paycheck but because you had taken the necessary steps to ensure that your loved ones would always have what they need when they need it.

The Forever Cash philosophy teaches you how to stand up and take control of your finances. It shows you how to become the cause that will lead to the effect that you want. It reveals how making a few simple and logical changes in the way that you view earning and spending money can send ripples throughout your entire life and help you reach your economic potential.

We can help you trace a clear line between causes and effects in the real world. We’ll reveal how the rich use these rules to create generational wealth that frees them up from having to depend on an employer for economic security. Would you like to learn how the rich do it? Are you ready to stop passively depending on a paycheck to be able to give your family what they need?

Be the cause.

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