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Most of us think of coupons as a bit outdated, but did you know that there are several tech companies that offer a modern spin on coupon clipping? One of these companies is RetailMeNot. The company started out offering discount codes for online purchases and it did very well, becoming the largest coupon site not only in the United States, but also in the United Kingdom.

The website encourages its users to leave comments about how they were able to use the online coupon and whether it worked or not. There is also a place to input promo codes that users discover so that they could pass on savings to their fellow virtual coupon clippers. The website focuses on online purchases and features some coupons that can be printed and redeemed in stores.

Now the RetailMeNot company also has an app that allows you to search for coupons while you are at the store looking at the item you want to purchase. The best part about this portable money saver is that it is free. Another plus is that you can redeem an in-store coupon by showing the retailer the coupon directly on your mobile phone, thus eliminating the time and tree-consuming printing process.

For those super-prepared shoppers that plan out their purchases before getting to the store, you can search for coupons and use the “Save” function of the app to have coupons easily accessible at the checkout line.

If your specific coupon search comes up empty, you can let the store know that you would like them to offer discounts on RetailMeNot just by tapping a button. The message will be delivered to the retailer, and they might decide to jump on the RetailMeNot bandwagon.

Take advantage of this trendy way to cut expenses.

Have you tried this app? I’d love to know what you think.


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