Cut Expenses – Entertainment

How do you cut your entertainment expenses without cutting your entertainment?

If your plan for becoming debt free is all work and no play then you’ll probably give up pretty quick. It’s unreasonable to eliminate all entertainment, but you can make smarter choices when it’s time to have fun.

Instead of dinner and a movie do the movie first, then dinner. Matinees are always cheaper than night time showings. Checkout this early bird special that Cinemark offers. AMC theaters also have great matinee specials. Another plus to early showings is that theaters are less crowded. Avoid over-priced concessions to reduce your spending and your waistline.

Take up a sport that you can play at a nearby park. Buying a racket and balls for example, is a one-time expense that you will be able to use again and again. If you’re not an athletic person rediscover your love for board games. They’re a nice interactive way to spend an evening in with friends.
Find out about things to do for free in your community. Sure, it will take a bit of research, but it will open you up to new experiences in your own backyard. Some ideas are: go on hiking trials, visit your public library, and take a photo at each landmark or tourist attraction in your hometown. For more information on what is available checkout the message boards at your local community center.

Take up a hobby that makes you a profit. If you’re the craftsy type, try making something that you could sell a local craft fair, a friend’s garage sale or even on eBay. Decorative mailboxes, mementos made out of shells, whimsy cup coasters… really the possibilities are endless.

Take time to spend with your family and reward yourself for the hard work you’ve done. Remember the road to being debt free isn’t all about austerity and deprivations. Savvy entertainment choice can help you pay down those debts faster.

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