Why I don’t believe in ‘get rich quick’ schemes

In the introduction to my book “Forever Cash”, I wrote the following:

It is my commitment that, in this book, I am not giving you a repetition of the same tired advice and platitudes that the American middle class has been fed for decades. Obviously, if that advice worked, the middle class—and even the more affluent higher income class—wouldn’t be struggling with debt and worrying about retirement.

This book is not filled with ways to “get rich quickly” or “quit your job and pour your life savings into a business you know nothing about.” Instead, my techniques and process to get you from where you are now to financial security forever are easy to grasp, but they will take effort and time to make them work. At the end of this book, however, it will show you how to become financially secure and even how to stay rich forever.

Yet, I am still accused of being a “get rich quick” guy.


Let me set the record clear: I don’t believe in “get rich quick” schemes. I don’t believe that any meaningful changes in your life can happen overnight with no effort on your part. Can it be done? YES! Am I enthusiastic about the possibilities? YES! Do I want you to get excited too? YES! But I will never make you a false promise just to “sell you a product”.

If you apply the methods and principles I teach in my book, I am convinced that in 3 – 5 years you can be financially free. I am convinced that you can be out of debt and enjoying multiple streams of income that will never dry up. You will have to work, evaluate investments, and be disciplined – but it can be done.

I believe in getting rich slowly – through hard work and smart money management.

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