Don’t invest while looking in the rear view mirror

Peter Lynch once said: “You can’t see the future through a rear view mirror.”

I try to apply that rule to my investments. It’s true that I promote the Forever Cash philosophy by pointing to historical figures that have used it. But that’s not the only qualification that I use to measure success – I also see if the methods still work now.

For example, historical financial planning meant getting a full-time job and investing in a 401k, working until you were 65 then retiring with no debt. That advice may have worked one time, but the world is different now. Unfortunately, many people try to see the future through a rear view mirror – making decisions only on what worked in the past and completely ignoring the modern world.

Don’t be like that.

Educate yourself about different ways to invest and make money, but then choose the ones that still work today.

That’s what I have done.

That’s what Forever Cash is.

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