Don’t kill the Golden Goose!

In recent post, I mentioned how the rich pay for their toys. I said:

“[The rich] also drive the same big cars, live in the same large houses, but they didn’t slay the golden goose to pay for their toys. Instead their cars, vacations, and houses are being paid with the cash these proverbial golden goose investments throw off.”

I like to compare Forever Cash investments with the golden goose character from the fairy tale because it illustrates the difference between short-term and log-term thinking.

Which of those methods would you rather teach your children? Would you show your kids how you have to spend your hard-earned paycheck on a new car, or would you show them how to instead invest it in a “Forever Cash Asset” that, just like the Golden Goose from the fairy tale, lays golden eggs each day, week, month, and year forever, which then pays for the car?

Changing our life means changing our habits and thinking. It may be difficult and even painful, but growth always is.

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  1. Posted by James 21 Jul 2014 at 6:31 pm

    I love this theory and I’m building mine as we speak . I’m so excited to be free thank you Jack

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