Don’t quit your job just yet!

While many people would love to walk in and quit their jobs today, I had to learn to use my job as a short-term launching pad that finances and even speeds your path to financial security and independence.

I thoroughly refuse to accept the thought that to be successful you must work in a job for forty years, five days a week, with two weeks of vacation (the 5/2/2 rule), and put 10 percent of your money away into mutual funds or a 401k. Take a minute (if you need that long) and look around to see how well that is working for people. It is not working for most Americans—probably including you, if you are honest. Otherwise, you would have probably not picked up this book. And it didn’t work for me either. Yet, I knew that there had to be a better way.

And while many people want to quit their jobs, quitting your job is scary if you have nothing to fall back on, no cushion. What I have proven is that you can do this part time—that is, if you just know what to look out for and how to think the way the truly wealthy do.

Being able to quit your job is ultimately one of the major goals for most, and we want to get there as quickly as possible. But it is not the first and most urgent goal for most. Neither is dropping everything and starting a new business. You see, many people and authors tell you to quit your job and start your own business. While it is proven that the fastest path to a great deal of wealth is starting a successful business, I don’t agree with the notion these people spread that you must have a business to get free financially.

I think that making smart investments is another valid way to reach your financial goals.

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