Don’t settle when hiring new workers

A Forever Cash asset is the best kind of investment you can make. It makes money, goes up in value over time, and requires little to no direct supervision on your part. But to meet that last condition you will need to delegate the day-to-day tasks of the job. And if you are to be successful, then you need will to find the right people.

As a leader in your business, it is your reponsibility to decide what kind of workers you will hire. Unfortunately, many of us have been trained since we were young to lower our expectations. Do you remember the term “grading on the curve”? That term refers to a theory that tells us very few workers will be outstanding and that most will be below average. So instead of looking for the high-performers, many business leaders have satisfied themselves with workers that they view as “average” to “below-average”.

In a recent article posted to, this trend comes under attack and the practice of settling for less is proven to be unneccesary and unscientific.

Here’s the takeaway: no matter what area of industry your Forever Cash asset is in, look for the high-performers and don’t settle for less.

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