Why you should focus on a micro-business

In my opinion, way too many people have started, bought, or taken over businesses without having a clue as to what it takes to run a business successfully. Too many people have put their pile of money that they have built up into a business only to have it wiped out financially after the business failed. That is not what we are talking about here. Therefore, I believe there is another way. There is a way that is less risky and yet more reliable in getting you where you want! The answer is to make money outside of your job in the form of a micro business, a venture that you treat as a business from a tax point of view. With a micro business, you can take advantage of all the tax benefits and loopholes for business owners, yet you do not need to have an office, overhead, storefront, or employees, and, most importantly, you do not need a lot of money to get started with. The focus of the kind of activity I suggest you do is to make extra money, not build a business structure and formal organization. You have most of the benefits without most of the problems of running a business.

Going down that path, you will learn to make more money, money which you then need to use as your seed money for your Wealth Wheel investing process. It’s safe, predictable and doesn’t require a large amount of business management skills. So, the solution is to create cash from home, and then use that cash to create Forever Cash Flow without having to have a full-blown business and lots of overhead.

Technically, because it is a business, you get to use all the tax benefits the “real” businesses get to use. That means you win twice—by running a lean operation from home that avoids the pitfalls the larger businesses have and by saving tons in taxes.


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