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Dear Friend,

Whether you have always wanted to invest in Real Estate but never quite "pulled the trigger"...

Or if you've tried Real Estate investing and haven't met with the success you hoped for...

Or even if you've been investing for a while and you've had great success...

Read this entire Letter.

Because today marks a unique opportunity the likes of which most of us have never seen before.

Here's the story...


Right now, because of the things that have happened in the economy... we're STILL just at the beginning of the biggest opportunity in Real Estate since the California Gold Rush. I know that's an over-used expression - but in this case I bet you already believe it's true, don't you?

Maybe you've been noticing the factors at work in the market:

  • Unrest about the world political situation.
  • Roller-Coaster stock price swings.
  • The much-discussed recession (ok they say we are over it but do you really believe THAT)...
  • Skyrocketing fuel prices.
  • The crazy drop in home sales across the U.S.

All of this is good news for you, the Real Estate Investor.

How can I say that? How can any of this be good news?

All of these factors have created "the perfect storm" for Investors (and those who would like to be) so that now...

AND GET THIS... even if you THINK you know about TAX DEEDS, you have NEVER seen anything like MY SYSTEM for using them to invest.

Anyone can get started, using TAX DEEDS, buying land at ridiculously low prices (a little as $83 - or even, in some cases, free!).

I know that doesn't make sense right now... but it will by the time we're done. Stick with me.

Even if you've never invested in Real Estate before, and don't know the first thing about it, you can use little-known "tricks" to get jaw-dropping deals on great properties (and yes, I can prove it).

Right about now you may be thinking this all sounds great, but that it might not be for you. After all, can it be true that anyone can make this system work for them?

I'm convinced, if it works for me, it can work for anyone.

Money For Nothing, Land For Free



In fact, I have fool-proof methods for finding and buying these properties.

Some of my students even end up getting land for free.

And it is all 100% legal... 100% moral... and 100% ethical.

  • Run your Real Estate business on "remote control" - you don't even have to go see each property!
  • Get started with only a couple hundred bucks to your name.
  • Make deals without ever filling out a credit app, or even revealing your credit history.
  • Buy property with absolutely zero risk to your credit history.
  • Enjoy the rewards of being a massive property owner without ever taking on a mortgage - own every property free and clear.
  • Generate a massive stream of cash flow using my simple SFM system.
  • Never do any repairs, never worry about how renters are treating your houses, or put up with any "landlord" hassles whatsoever.
  • Enjoy the most low-maintenance form of Real Estate investing ever discovered... no fixing leaky toilets, no vandalism to worry about, no maintenance, no remodeling... for all practical purposes, no work at all.
So here's what you're getting today with...
My Tax Lien Investment System
  • How most people get tax deed investing 100% wrong and lose their shirt and how you can avoid this fate.
  • What is tax deed investing and how do you profit from it.
  • The secrets of the timing of tax deed investing that can make you a flat out fortune.
  • The one big advantage of tax deeds and the disadvantages you must know before you invest a single dollar.
  • How to circumvent the auction system and buy directly from owners for pennies.
  • The tax deed loopholes that can make you a fortune.
  • Why the idiot factor can get you properties for pennies or even for free.
  • How to dramatically increase your chances of getting properties.
  • The one kind of property you should invest in using the system.
  • How to only buy properties that will make you profits and always avoid the properties that will cost you money.
  • The association listing that gives you the unfair advantage over all other investors in this field.
  • How to effortlessly generate list of the properties you will acquire for a penny.
  • The thing you must do before you get to that auction. This will save you time money and energy.
  • The single kind of property you must never buy no matter what anyone else tells you.
  • How five minutes can make you $88,000.00 just like it did for this student of mine.
  • How much money to bring to the auction (whatever you are thinking it is not that amount).
  • My most closely guarded advanced techniques.
  • How you can be foreclosed on, keep your credit spotless and make a profit all at the same time.
  • Why the ownership transfer a loophole can cost you a lot of money and how to avoid the mistake that taught me this lesson.
  • What I do every year that makes "free money" and how it can do the same to you.
  • How foreclosures actually make you money just the way it made me $80,000.00 on a single deal.

YOU Get All This Today...

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SPECIAL BONUS! 100% Legal Ways For YOU To Pay Less In Taxes

  • The little known tax advantages of the land profit formula methods.
  • Why we recommend a totally different approach to what others tell you about structuring your business entities.
  • The crucial difference being an investor or a dealer and which one you should choose now before you get started.
  • How to get taxed at the most favorable rates (and how to avoid the self employment tax that can rob you of your hard earned profits).
  • Should you have an S corporation or not the answer may surprise you.
  • Are LLC a good idea or a deadly disaster you will be surprised to learn the answer.
  • What are the big pitfalls of different legal entities and which should you choose to say the most on taxes while protecting your assets.
  • The important distinction that makes your income totally passive blowing this will cost you big money.

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