Hobbies that can make you money… Writing

Many of us have secretly tinkered with short stories, poems or even novels. However a small percentage actually makes a profit from this talent. What holds us back? Fear or lack of discipline.Fear that others will not like their master piece leads many writers to remain undiscovered. If you don’t let anyone read your work you’ll never get any constructive feedback and you’ll never get to find out if you’re any good. So, stop playing the I’m-too-embarrassed-to-let-anyone-read-my-stuff game. It can be scary, but a good first step is to share your writings with a few well-rounded readers and listen to their impressions. Incorporate feedback, then try showing it to a publisher.

Others have scads of half written stories or ideas for amazing novels that never become completed works. Unfortunately ingenious creativity is often accompanied by procrastination and disorganization. Make a schedule where you set aside time regularly to work on your material.

Even if you’re not exactly Hemingway or the next Suzanne Collins, you can still make some money if you have a way with words and can express yourself clearly. The non-fiction, self-help and how to categories can also lead a writer to make a nice profit. You can use knowledge you already have. Just think about the things your friends ask you about often. Do they ask you for your expertise on your ethic cooking? Do they ask how you built that deck on such a low budget?

The trick is to identify a niche in the literary market that is wonting and create a book with helpful information that is easy to understand on this topic. If you’re good at, you can even learn about a new subject matter. Then all you have to do is self-publish your book on Amazon.


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