It’s Is Never Too Early To Start With Financial Education!

Here is a great story from one of the Forever Cash Book readers, Rosie:
I think you will enjoy it as much as I did when I read it.
It shows that it is never too early to start with financial education.

“I just finished the whole book, and before I make my comments let me tell you that I have read several books from other authors that are in similar field are you are. Some of them are Robert Kiyosaky, Preston Ely, Rick Dawson, among others. All of them excellent authors, excellent topics and have enjoyed all of them. However, Forever Cash is simply an AMAIZING BOOK, I could call it “Cash All In One”.  Pretty much everything you need to know to get you into your financial freedom and continue having forever cash is in this book.  It is also simple enough to follow, and have several and clear messages that encouraged me to continue taking action and just do whatever it TAKES to reach my goal of having forever cash into my bank account every month.

The book is so interesting, clear, and simple to understand that even captured the attention of my seven year old kid.  While I was taking him to his soccer practice, I started listening it in the car, I think I was either on chapter eight or nine, it was a little noise and I had to rewind part of the chapter to repeat it again, I had to do so like three times.  Suddenly, my seven years old boy said to me, but in an “angry” mode  “Mom stop rewinding it, that is a book about money and how you can have forever cash, I want to learn how to make money and you are not letting me continue listing it because you are going back every minute, stop doing so” I was totally surprised that he was mad at me because according to him I was interrupting him the book, I thought he was busy playing with his video game.

I finished it completely but will listen it again in the car when ever I have to take him to any of his practices, the earlier he gets involve with this education the better.

Thank you for this book, as I said before it is just an Amazing book, and I/we will do whatever it takes to follow your instructions , and to continue working on the tax deeds project by following your hidden tax deeds program.

P.S. My husband is also reading it, and I have highly recommended  to all my friends and family.

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