No socks? No problem! Learn how two guys made $40,000.

The best business ideas are those that fill a specific need in the community or for your clients. Movies fill our need to be entertained. Cars fill our need to get someplace quickly. And restaurants fill our need to eat good food.

But a good businessperson learns to recognize the needs of others – even if those needs may be quite different from his or her own. These two guys who were able to raise $40,000 on Kickstarter are a great example of that. They saw a need (in this case, a fashion need) and provided a product to fill it.

You may have seen this new fashion trend the one where men where loafers with no socks. But brothers┬áTanner and Taylor Dame were worried about having stinky shoes, and the alternative didn’t get the job done. So they created an absorbant pad that solves the odor issue but keeps the fashion.

Whether or not these guys wear their own product, they have raised enough to start production and to make a nice profit.

So the lesson is clear: find a need (at least something that other’s view as a necessity), fill it, and make some money. That’s what Forever Cash is all about.

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