How often should you check your passive income streams?

I love having multiple streams of passive income. Along with my personal real estate investments, I also sell eBooks online and sell educational programs teaching the methods that have helped me to become financially free. It can be an exciting (and kind of intoxicating) feeling when you see that you have made a sale during the night while you were asleep or during the day while you were working at your job.

It reminds me of some fishermen that I have seen on piers who cast multiple lines into the water and check each one periodically.

But how often should you check your “lines”? In other words, how often should you check your email for notices of payment and how often should you log onto to see if your book has sold?

Although some of the ore excitable members of this community might disagree with me, I can’t honestly imagine a scenario where you would need to check your sales more than once a day.

The whole point of setting up passive income is that it shouldn’t require your constant attention. And while it’s great to see the fruits of your labor, I hate to imagine you waking up at 3 in the morning (leaving your significant other alone in the bed) so you can check your stats.

So get excited, but be reasonable. Set your poles and check them from time to time. But don’t be that fisherman who is constantly testing his lines and who forgets about the world around him.

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