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FC-book-3dIf you are looking to retire younger or seek a fresh approach to achieving financial freedom, you will need to adapt a new philosophy, change your attitude towards money, and make changes in how you spend, save, and invest. There are no shortcuts to wealth or secrets to achieving overnight success, but there is a better, proven, and realistic way to gain financial independence. It’s a financial philosophy and strategy that millionaire US-Immigrant and entrepreneur Jack Bosch calls “Forever Cash.”


Mike Ferreira has been land flipping since 2014 and is incredibly passionate about helping others attain their own financial freedom. What sets Mike apart is his unique approach to deals – where instead of looking for a small amount of high-value deals, he is buying & selling small pockets of land at a gigantic scale.

In this episode; Jack Bosch chats to Mike about his journey with land flipping, how he approaches his deals, and why he decided to become a Land Profit Generator coach.

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In this episode, Jack Bosch chats to Will Rhind – the founder and CEO of GraniteShares, an Exchange Trader Funds (ETF) company headquartered in New York. He is an established ETF entrepreneur with over 17 years of experience in the industry. Prior to GraniteShares, Rhind was CEO of SPDR Gold Trust, a $30 billion ETF owned by the World Gold Council. We find out all about ETFs; what exactly they are and how people can invest in them. We also get a look into the world of gold investing, an asset class that everyone knows about but few people understand.

Will Rhind also shares his insights into the future of the US economy, specifically how the effect the stimulus checks will have on the dollar going forward. You’ll discover how you need to position your business in order to thrive in the new economy.

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Continuing on from last week’s episode, Jack Bosch discusses the state of the economy in the wake of the Corona Virus pandemic. In this episode, we take a look at previous economic recessions including post World War Germany to see if we can get insights into how we should approach our finances going forward. Thankfully, there are asset classes that hold value no matter what, so if you are unsure about where to put your money going forward this episode is here to guide you.

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