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FC-book-3dIf you are looking to retire younger or seek a fresh approach to achieving financial freedom, you will need to adapt a new philosophy, change your attitude towards money, and make changes in how you spend, save, and invest. There are no shortcuts to wealth or secrets to achieving overnight success, but there is a better, proven, and realistic way to gain financial independence. It’s a financial philosophy and strategy that millionaire US-Immigrant and entrepreneur Jack Bosch calls “Forever Cash.”


After 12 years as a Licensed Professional (PE) Civil/Industrial Engineer, Lane Kawaoka left the industry and began to focus 100% of his time on real estate investing. Now he is a multi-millionaire, with a huge portfolio of multi family residential properties to his name. In this episode, Jack Bosch chats to Lane about his journey from the daily grind of a career in engineering to true financial freedom through real estate. You’ll also discover why many new multi family investors fail to see the returns they’re expecting and how you can mitigate common issues that arise.

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We’re going back to basics in this week’s episode! Land flipping is the real estate investing technique that Jack Bosch and his wife Michelle used to generate wealth and become financially free. In this episode, Jack Bosch dives into his history with this technique and explains exactly how and why it works. If you’ve never heard of it before or if you’ve been on the fence about getting started with this amazing, little-known niche – then strap in and discover a simpler way of investing in real estate without all the difficulties that come with houses.

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Doug Smith is the CEO and Lead Invetor at Hawthorne Funds, a Houston-based private equity firm that couples his funds with those of other investors to purchase, subdivide and sell large rural tracts of land in Texas. Their unique approach to adding value during the holding and disposition process gives them a competitive advantage that generates outsized returns for their investors.

In this episode, Jack Bosch talks to Doug about why he moved from house investment into the world of land and how he has scaled his business far beyond that of the typical land investor. You’ll see how you can turn land flipping into a multi-million dollar empire without many of the issues that investors in other real estate niches face.

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