Use pictures in your real estate listing

This week on my blog, I’ll be talking about making the best online listing for your real estate. We’ll talk about using pictures, marketing techniques, how to present the terms and conditions of the sale, and how to get the word out. Each of these blog posts will help you to streamline your ad and will cut a significant amount of time and effort from the learning curve.

Up first – using pictures in your online listings.


Why is it so important to use pictures in your online listings? In this digital age, it’s now possible to market your property to people who might live in a different town, state, or even country. That means that, on more cases than you might realize, people will end up purchasing a property that they have never personally visited. So your pictures will have to tell potential buyers everything they would see during a personal visit and should help them visualize what you are selling.

We can divide ad pictures into two groups: 1) pictures of the land itself and 2) pictures of the surrounding area.


Pictures of your land should show the person what the parcels(s) look like. Help them understand the dimensions and take pictures from various angles. If possible, clean up or haul away any junk to make the parcels look as presentable as possible.

If you are an investor who lives far away from the parcels you are selling, contact someone through or use a service like to get professional-grade pictures of the product that you are offering.


You are not just selling dirt – you are selling the possibilities of what can be done with that dirt. So be sure to take pictures of nearby pieces of land to show how the neighbors have developed their parcels. Show potential buyers which restaurants are near the property, how the locals enjoy themselves, and (if possible) how the area looks at different times of the year.

I have completed over 3,000 real estate transactions (both buying and selling) and my team and I have learned the importance of including photos of what we are selling and the area where we are selling. Here is an example of a piece of land that I recently sold (note the use of pictures):

Use pictures – they help you flip land more quickly.

Tomorrow on the blog: how to market your land.

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