Planning out your rewards

I want you to stay motivated as you work your way towards financial independence. One way you can do so is by giving yourself little rewards along the way. They will help you to enjoy the fruit of your hard work and will be like a taste of the life you will be living soon.

Here are some guidelines for picking out rewards for yourself:

1) Don’t let them be more than 10% of your earnings from a deal. The majority should be reinvested.

2) Don’t buy something that will become a drain on your wallet (i.e. an iPad with an expensive data plan, a horse that you have to feed each month, etc). Those toys come later.

3) Use your reward to recharge your batteries and to remind you of what you are working towards. If possible, take a trip with your family, go out for a nice dinner, or buy a guitar that you can learn how to play soon.

Rewards should have a purpose. Instead of just giving your money to a store for the shiniest new object you see, choose something that will keep you happy and focused as you work the Wealth Wheel.

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