Turn your raw land into a Forever Cash asset

Back in March, I wrote a post about how raw land can provide seed money for you. You can flip it, grow crops and sell them at a farmer’s market, and even use it as collateral when taking out a loan.

However, if you really use your imagination, you might be surprised to find that you can use that same piece of raw land to generate Forever Cash. All you need to do is find someone willing to pay you a monthly fee for the use of that land. That way, you will fill a real need for that person and generate a small but regular income for yourself. 

Here are some examples. This is not an exhaustive list, of course, but it might get your brain wheels turning:

  • Billboards. If your piece of vacant land is near a major roadway, you might find that business owners will be willing to pay to advertise on your land. You might have to put up a structure, or maybe you can negotiate with a business to put one up for you in exchange for a month or two of free rent. Then once the contract expires, you can use the structure with a new client.
  • Cell towers. Unlike billboards, cell towers don’t necessarily need to be located along major roadways. In some cases high elevation is a plus, but ultimately it depends on what the needs of the service provider are. Just get in contact with several in the area to discuss the possibilities.
  • Recreation. Especially outside of a suburban area, folks need a place to ride their dirt bikes, mountain bikes, ATVs, and four wheelers. Others want to fly RC helicopters and drones. If you have a wide open space, a wooded location, or even a lakeside plot where folks might want to camp, then consider renting out your land –either by the hour day, or week – to recreational visitors.
  • Hunting. On my real estate sales site www.sunnyland.com, I have posted lots of articles talking about the great hunting in the Southwest. Folks can’t get enough of bighorn sheep and javelin. So check the local requirements and wildlife to see if you can give hunters exclusive rights to use your property each season.
  • Agriculture. There are several ways that you can make some money is your land is fertile and well-watered. Ranchers always need a place to graze their herds, so with a sturdy fence and a cattle gate your land might be just what they need. Or you can lease it out to a farmer who will grow crops on it. You can accept payment per month as rent, at the end of the season as a percentage of the yield, or as a barter arrangement – accepting food.

Raw land is the way to go. And if you use your imagination you might be surprised how your land can work for you.

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