Rewards are important!

Have you had a measure of success putting into practice the Forever Cash methods? If so, I want you to reward yourself… especially after you hit certain milestones.

For example, one milestone might be your first success making some extra money outside of your job. These rewards should not be abused and should not consist of more than 5 percent of what you made in an investment or in extra money per month. I, for example, love traveling as well as the newest electronic toys. Sometimes I reward myself with a new Bose Mini stereo system or the newest Apple product (usually not more than a few hundred dollars). Or I book my family on a nice vacation in a five-star hotel to celebrate, recharge, and mainly just enjoy the feeling that I am actually enjoying the fruit of my labor.

And while such a trip might cost a few thousand dollars for just a couple of days, it is an earned reward, that doesn’t bring with it any ongoing monthly increase in spending – it’s a one-time reward. After that I go back to my regular lifestyle and focus on increasing Forever Cash without increasing expenses.


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