How the rich pay for their toys

Truly generationally wealthy people consider cash flow to be the fountain of their wealth. They only spend the interest (and, ideally, only a part of the interest) their investments made—the interest that comes in without their working much (or at all) for that income.

Most people— even the vast majority of the high rollers you see living the large life, driving the big cars and living in the mansions—violate that rule. However, the ones who get it are the ones living the truly wealthy lives. They also drive the same big cars, live in the same large houses, but they didn’t slay the golden goose to pay for their toys. Instead their cars, vacations, and houses are being paid with the cash these proverbial golden goose investments throw off.

That is a material difference, a significant difference. If you get this difference, your life should take on a new quality. If you don’t, then let me tell you again: the truly wealthy have their investments pay for their lifestyle, not their active income.

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