How rich people see money

I came across this interesting quote on a comedy website the other day that had an article talking about working for rich people:

Ever watch a documentary about developing countries and hear the people in a village talk about how they have to spend hours every day retrieving water from a nearby river, and how precious clean water is to them? And when you hear that, as a person living in a fully developed country, you can’t even conceive of what that’s like, to have to always think about where your water is coming from and constantly worry about running out? Well, that’s how the rich are with money.

I loved that quote (maybe because it fits in well with my “bathtub” analogy in Chapter 9 of Forever Cash). But it illustrates what I want for you: I don’t want you to worry about money anymore.

That’s it, in a nutshell. The purpose of my educational programs and seminars is to help you get out of debt and to live the life you want. I want to help you bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

Can you possibly imagine what your life would be like if you didn’t have to worry about money anymore? Now, I’m not necessarily talking about buying private jets and private islands in the Caribbean (although you certainly could do that, if you wanted). I’m talking about always knowing where your next meal is coming from, not dreading phone calls from collection agents, and knowing that you can handle any unexpected medical expenses.

Now let’s take it a step further – if you knew that your investments would take care of your living expenses, would stay at your current job? Would you become more involved in volunteer work or in working with your church? Would you dedicate your time to learning a profession and advancing mankind’s knowledge in that field? Would you spend your days studying the love life of the South African ant? Is so, who cares if there’s no money in it—you’re not working for money anymore! If you could live such a life, what would it teach your kids; how would it set up your legacy? How would it make you feel?

When you no longer have to worry about money – when it becomes like water constantly flowing out of the faucet – you can start to direct your energy and attention to things in life that really matter.

I laughed when I first read that quote above. It was spoken by a former bellboy in a five-star hotel. He couldn’t possibly imagine how the rich couldn’t worry about money (he was getting paid by the hour, after all). But I hope that you can not only understand how the rich think, but how to get there yourself. Invest in one cash-producing asset after another – you’ll get there sooner than you think is possible.



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