Schools Don’t Teach Students How to Make Money

What kind of a student were you in school? Did you get straight A’s or did you have to spend more time than you care to admit staying after school and studying? Americans often measure their success based on their GPA or on what college they were accepted into. While it’s true that public education plays an important role in shaping a healthy and safe society, does a good performance in school or graduating from a prestigious university necessarily equal financial stability later in life? In other words, does what you learn in school prepare you to make money?

The answers to these questions, sadly, are no.

Traditional public education teaches us important knowledge like math, science, language, and history. While subjects like these need to be taught in order to create a community comprised of well-rounded individuals, they don’t help us or our children when it comes to making money. In fact, knowing the Pythagorean Theorem or the rate at which an object falls to Earth- while interesting and useful in other fields- is not part of the concept of turning money into Forever Cash.

Once we finish school, we go out there to try and make some money and soon realize that it is the one subject that we haven’t been taught anything about. Many people are happy just to find a job that keeps the lights on, and as a result most Americans fall far short of realizing their true earning potential. They never become Money Masters.

What is a “Money Master”?

A Money Master is a person who makes money work for them, and not the other way around. They don’t trade dollars for hours and they don’t worry about how they are going to pay their bills each month. Their money is like a tool that they use to create more wealth. How can you become a Money Master?

The book Forever Cash challenges readers to open their mind to the possibility of becoming a Money Master in a methodical way that is easy to grasp and easy to do. While some effort will be required, the overall process involves lots of wins, both large and small. No one is born with the skills and knowledge required to reach all of their financial goals, but becoming a Money Master is a skill that can be learned if the student has the right mindset and receives the right kind of education.

Being a Money Master is not about working like a dog to save up a huge pile of money. If a large balance in your bank account was all that mattered, then we wouldn’t ever read stories about bankrupt athletes and lottery winners. Earning more money is part of the process, but the key lies in learning the best way to administer that money. The lessons aren’t too difficult, and they have been proven true for centuries.

While a good school can help you to become a well-rounded out person, it can’t teach you what is necessary to become financially successful. Teachers and school administrators aren’t rich themselves, so what could they really tell us about how to make money? To be rich, you must learn how to do what the rich do. So no matter what kind of student you were in school and no matter what college you went to (if you even went to college) there is a lot that you can learn by looking at what the rich have been doing all this time. What you read in the book Forever Cash may surprise you.

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  1. Posted by Jeffrey Herrington 17 Sep 2013 at 5:20 am

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