Why sell online?

Last week, my right hand man Alex Delacruz conducted an awesome webinar where he talked about online marketing. There is no way that I can sum up all of the great information he shared in just one blog post, so let me just share a highlight from his presentation: why you should sell your product/service online.

Basically, Alex said that selling online rocks because (as opposed to a radio or print ad) you can target the people who will most likely be interested in what you are offering.

Another advantage is that – whether you choose to have your own website or to use a service like Craigslist – you will have much more space than the local classifieds section could ever give you. And online ads can include pictures, videos, and allow visitors to submit their contact information.

One final advantage of selling online is that you can use analytics to see where your visitors are from, how many visitors you get, and how long they are staying on your website. This information will let you customize and improve your ad for better results.

This information is just a smidgeon of what Alex shared. Watch the full webinar here if you haven’t already – it will be worth your time.



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