How to sell without “selling”

Pat Flynn from had some great thoughts about how to sell:

I’m on a few email lists where I’m getting pitched a new, highly-priced info-product every couple of days! I stay subscribed to these lists and succumb to the bad taste in my mouth just so I can stay on the leading edge of what not do.

In this post, I’m going to show you how you can “slow down your pitches” and get it to a point where essentially what you’re doing is teeing up buying opportunities for your audience.

I’ll show you how you can use non-aggressive selling strategies to take the pressure off of your audience and make things even more convenient for them.

Over the course of 5 years of blogging, “teeing it up” is what has been most successful for me. I’ve earned over a million dollars without the use of aggressive selling tactics, product launches or upsells.

Before I go on, it’s important that I mention this:

I’m not against hard selling and aggressive pitches.

As Derek Halpern says, “I don’t sell often, but when I do, I sell hard.”

And if you’ve created something amazing that you know will change the lives of your audience, you should sell hard too.

Do you agree?

Here is the full blog post.


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