Tips for generating cash from vacant land

Evaluating land for flipping is one thing – all you really need to know is how much similar parcels in the area are selling for. But if you are looking to generate some cash flow from your property, then you will have to think outside of the box and carefully analyze the location of your land and the surrounding to see what opportunities might present themselves. Let me share some ideas for monetizing vacant land to help you evaluate potential deals in the future.

Lease the land to ranchers. Look at the area near the parcel. Is there lots of land for grazing? Are there herds of cattle chomping on grass? If so, find out who owns them and offer to lease the grazing rights for your parcel. The amount might not be huge, but it will provide steady cash flow that you do not have to work for.

Lease the land to companies. There are occasions when companies need to put up billboards or communication towers and need a place to do so. Find out if the parcel is near any major roads. If there isn’t already a billboard on it, find out if anyone wants to use the parcel to advertise, whether by putting up a sign or parking a truck with a message on it. And cell companies are always looking to expand and improve their service and you can create quite a large amount of cash flow by allowing them to build a tower on your property.

Lease the land to hunters or off-road vehicles. Especially near urban areas, folks who have an itch to visit the great outdoors often feel like they have few options and that those options are often overcrowded and overhunted. So imagine how appealing it would be to them to lease a private sanctuary for riding their ATVs, hunting deer, camping, or just about any other activity you can dream of.

Before putting your hard-earned money into a deal, you should have a good idea of how that deal will make you money. But flipping isn’t the only option – there are lots of ways to create cash flow from vacant land if you are willing to think outside of the box.


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