DO THIS TODAY – Educate Yourself

All this week, I have been talking about things that you can do TODAY to make a difference in your personal finances. Here is a review:

Today, let me go over one more thing that you can do today: educate yourself.

When I decided that I no longer wanted to depend on someone else for a paycheck, it was a watershed moment. I had a clear vision of where I wanted to be, but no idea of how to get there. It took me some research and some trial and error, but once I found something I could do part-time outside my job and without having to be bound to a location, it only took me ten months to be able to quit my full-time job. It took me another eight months to be completely financially free and have assets of more than $1 million.

While still working at my job, I spent my evenings and some weekends doing online research and educating myself on all the opportunities to make extra money. I started by looking for places where I could get training on where to start making more money. I took courses in real estate, online marketing, and also joined a network marketing company. While I did not make much money right away, I got some first-rate training through these programs.

That is something that you can do TODAY – educate yourself on the different investment vehicles out there. I ultimately chose real estate, but there might be another path that works for you. We are living in the information age, and there is so much in printed form and online. Get out there and educate yourself and open your world up to new possibilities.

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