What is Forever Cash?

When you invest your hard-earned money into an asset, you naturally hope to receive some sort of return. What is considered a good return?Many financial advisors, especially those who specialize in selling shares of mutual funds, say that an 8% annual Return on Investment (ROI) is ideal and should be enough to care for the costs of your future retirement.

Does an 8% ROI sound good to you? If you are just now starting to prepare for retirement, will an 8% ROI allow you to live the kind of life that you want?

As any experienced investor can tell you, not all investments are the same. Some investments give you a big return, some give you a modest return, and some don’t give you any return at all. But what is the best kind of investment for you to put your money in?

The best kind of investment should meet three criteria:

1) It should go up in value

2) It should provide positive cash flow

3) The positive cash flow should last forever

If you invest in assets that meet this description, what kind of results can you expect to see? Have a look at the history of the Kennedy family. Thanks to real estate investments after World War Two investment, this family has been able to set up a river of cash flow that has lasted for six generations so far. This cash flow has allowed each member of the family to live the extravagant life they want without ever worrying that their money will run out.

The advantage of Forever Cash is that, no matter what happens in the economy or what happens in your personal life, your financial needs will be taken care of. Unlike a pile of money that can disappear in a bank collapse or lose its buying power due to inflation, Forever Cash is like a monthly paycheck that is automatically adjusted from year to year. Depending how you have set it up, Forever Cash can either pay for all of your current needs so you can maintain the same lifestyle or it can give you the ability to live an extravagant life as if you were a member of the Kennedy clan.

Would you like to see a few examples of Forever Cash and how it can change your life? Have a look at a few ideas below, remembering that a key tenant of the Forever Cash lifestyle is taking yourself out of the equation as much as possible and reducing the amount of time you spend caring for each asset.

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