What will you invest in during the next decade?

A few months back, this article came out with some wealthy folks predicting the best investments for the next ten years. Here is one that I found particularly interesting:

“Ten years is a long time in investments (this time 10 years ago, Eastman-Kodak was a Dow component) so a ten-year single lock-in investment is going to have to meet some criteria: (1) unlikely to be disrupted by technology; (2) meets a need somewhere towards the bottom of Maslow’s pyramid; (3) produces a yield; and (4) expectation of capital gain. With this in mind, my ten-year lock-in investment would be agricultural land. The customer base is growing. The customers have little choice about buying the production from agricultural land. It produces a yield. Supply is limited (full disclosure — I own a farm).”

—Lorcan Roche Kelly, strategist at Agenda Research

Reminds me of what Mark Twain one said: “Buy land; they’re not making any more of it.”

Click here for the full list.


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